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Appointments with Dr Julie O'Connell

  • Please book via the bookings page 

  • If you are a new patient - contact via email prior to booking, so that your appointment can be booked with the correct details. 

  • The new patient consultation fee begins at $101.00

  • Please ensure you select the right appointment type so that the correct amount of time is allocated for your appointment, if you have multiple subjects you need to discuss, book a longer appointment as a courtesy to other patients and the doctor's time.

  • ​Medicare rebates are available for eligible services and subject to Medicare criteria.

  • Telehealth rebates can only be claimed in line with current Medicare policy - currently eligibility is only for patients who have been seen at the practice within the last 12 months.

  • Telehealth appointments are only possible for short, simple appointments. For more complex, longer appointments please make a face to face appointment. 

Results, referrals and repeat prescriptions.

  • Return appointments need to be made for test results - this is to ensure there is time allocated to discuss your results.

  • If you need a copy of your results you will need to request this at your appointment, reception doesn't have access to your results for privacy purposes.

  • Requests for specialist referrals and renewals require an appointment.

  • Repeat prescriptions may be requested - however usually require an appointment. 

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